Who doesn’t like to use red lipstick correctly? But they can be an enigma — it appears so easy, but can also be hard to attain! To help you master this classic, glamorous appearance, Makeup Tutorials has assembled this fantastic tutorial which will teach you how to apply red lipstick like a pro in no time!

Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly With This Easy Tutorial

There’s no question that reddish lips are the ideal attention-grabbers since they are hot, timeless, and suitable for any occasion. With only three significant measures, this tutorial will teach you the way to use reddish lips in the right direction! Check out this easy-to-follow tutorial and try it out on your own.

To ensure your lips are properly prepped, you may want to apply a lip moisturizer or balm. You can use a q-tip to disperse it evenly onto the lips. The q-tip can help eliminate the extra product and guarantee the lips are exfoliated correctly. For added moisture, use a lip primer and spread it evenly. The lip primer can also keep the lipstick more. For matte lipsticks, applying a lip primer will help protect the lips from dryness.

When those guidelines have been drawn, use your lip pencil to outline the entire lip line. This will function as the guide when you apply your lipstick later on.

Step 3: Fill From The Lips Together With The Lip Liner

Once your line has been drawn, fill in the lips. Following your lips are filled in, blot them with tissue and reapply the liner to any uncoloured spots.

Step 4: Apply Red Lipstick

If you like the way your lips look already, apply lip balm in addition to the colour and you are all set. If you want to create your lips redder, use red lipstick on top of your primary lip pencil coating. Using a red lipstick on the lip liner is the ideal way to make the lips look fuller and vivid reddish. To keep the rims clean and crisp, use concealer on the edges with a brush.

Final Appearance!

And there you have it! Sexy, busty and flawless red lips in only four easy steps!

Here’s a full tutorial video on How Best to use red lipstick by RebeccaShoresMUA:

At this time, you can always rock reddish lips in no time. This is how to use red lipstick for novices, and at the time, you’ll learn how to do it better and faster.